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02 May 2014 @ 01:12 am
I always thought it was an urban legend, that it'll never happen to me but reality finally caught up to me; I got the blue screen of death. 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
Got know idea how that happen, I know that my computer doesn't have a virus because the tech guy said so. I paid $270 for him to tell me that All he can figure out as to why it happen is that one of my program that help operate my system is glitchy cause the constant restart I'd my os.
My theory is that I tried to install AutoCAD (drafting program) and it didn't install properly so I uninstall it to only have it uninstall improperly. Since it didn't uninstall properly I decided to do a system restore; restore it to the time prior to me installing the program to only have it back fire on me and caused the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

$270 gone to have the guy tell me to reinstall my OS. The worst part was just last month my crappy computer decided that it doesn't like me and break down causing e to have to get it fix for $170. I should have just bought the 1 year warranty the first time my PC broke. If I did I wouldn't be feeling so crappy now. Having to spend $300+ on my PC. Ugh.

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28 May 2013 @ 09:29 pm
Sakuraiba 13
gif. taken from a post made by dudeohno
29 July 2012 @ 06:30 pm

the following quote is from Royal Pains, Season 1 Episode 1…when Hank just saved Tuckers life…

Tucker: *Gasp*

Hank: just take it easy pal, just take it easy.

Libby: *worrying*

Tucker: What’d you do to me?

Libby: he saved you, he saved you, that’s what he did.

Hank: Libby helped out big time.

Libby and Tucker: *kiss*

Hank: Libby now call 911.

Tucker: Hampton Heritage? no way man. Dad calls it the local cemetery. 

Hank: okay we have to work quick. what would dad suggest we do/

Tucker: go into my wallet, get the little black card that say American Express on it.

Scene end.

28 July 2012 @ 08:23 pm

Delivering dinosaurs for exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. Arthur Pollock, 1984.


isn't this cool guys.seeing is a dinosaur in the sky, what are the possibility of that nowadays. the only thing i'll every see in the sky this big are either, a plane, blimp, helicopter, etc. or a very big bird.
Originally posted by luma_chan at [Warning] Serious rootkit virus spreading in LJ comments
This is not Kisumai related, but LJ related and very serious issue so I'm making a small mod post about it from kira_shadow's request.

Lately there has been a very serious, new type rootkit virus spreading in various routes, and one very serious way for LJ users is the video spam comment. Some users have recently been receiving comments with youtube links (embedded videos) - some are just spam comments with a link in the comment, some are made by hijacked accounts and even include text to make the comment seem real (for example telling you your video has been stolen and provides you with a youtube link).

These youtube links are infected with rootkit that will infiltrate your computer and steal personal information and possibly hijack the Internet connection. So members, please be VERY careful with any youtube links in comments! This virus is new and nasty, so we don't know how serious it can end up being on the computer.

One of our mods, kira_shadow, fell victim to this rootkit because a hijacked account made a proper comment with a link to a so-called "stolen video" and her computer is being treated at a shop right now, but there is no telling how serious it will end up being. In some cases Internet connection providers have been shutting down connections (at least here in Finland) when computers have been infected with the rootkit. (One of my sister's friends still haven't gotten her connection back, we got ours back after I rebooted my mother's infected laptop.) Please note that I don't know any details since this this particular case has not happened to me, I'm only reporting what kira_shadow knows of the issue that happened to her.

So please be very careful! Also, kira_shadow is currently not really available for mod duties until she gets her computer back, so please do not contact her about mod related business for a while, or at least don't expect her to be able to answer soon as we don't know how long fixing her computer will take. (On a somewhat related matter, I'm leaving to Japan for a month next week, and yararanger is there atm as well with limited Internet access, so we are not really too available either ^^;)

EDIT: At the moment it seems kira_shadow's computer wasn't affected with the worst possible virus (at least apparently?) so it could be that the virus hidden in the video is something less severe than the torpig/mebroot rootkit that has been causing serious issues lately. Nevertheless, please be cautious of these kind of spam links for your safety.



i personally don't know what exactly is happening because it hasn't happen to me yet. however, i would like to give a warning to other lj users about this because it seem extremely serious and those who have fallen victims to this scheme are nice enough to warn other lj users out there to be careful of odd and suspicious comments/video links
02 June 2012 @ 07:59 pm
I have just received a phone call from a Indian claiming to be part of Window Microsoft Service, he was saying that through the error reports I sent to MS that my PC have harmful malware and other threats that could makes it vulnerable for hackers. At first I wasn't all that suspicious because he wasn't asking me for any credit card information or asking for access to my PC. All he did was asked me to type “EVENTVWR” on my command window and such. After showing me that I have a lot of harmful threats on my PC he told me to enter “WWW.SUPPORT.ME” into my command, which led to a webpage that connects you to a technician. This was where my suspicion was on high alert. He told me to connect to a technician but never told me I needed a 6-digit code, which was obvious since it was stated on the webpage. When I couldn’t connect to a technician the Indian asked me to be hold so he could get a malware technician to help me solve me PC problem. What got me was that while waiting for another person's assistance the Indian didn't put me on hold because I could still hear the background noise he just put the phone down and got me a different person. This screamed SCAM and unprofessional to me.

So while I was waiting, I Google if this have happened to anyone before and lucky for me I found that it had. Following some of the instructions and replies from other posters I have started asking many questions regarding what type of company he works for ad etc. He went on a long-winded speech but I couldn’t understand half of what was said because of he thick.

Fully know that this is a scam I asked for their contact info and such so I could think about their proposal. Here is the information I as given:

Contact number: 647-722-8845
Name: Robert (no last name)
ID #: 10355
Location: Saltlake City, Utah, USA
Company name: The Cure Hub
Website: www.thecurehub.com

They gave me a Toronto area code number when they are located in Saltlake city. Shouldn't they have an international troll free number, and the number given to me seem to be someone’s personal cellphone # instead of a company number.

I hope this help those who have also received such phone call from people claiming to be part of MS service.
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01 June 2012 @ 08:29 pm
i'm not sure is my decision to change my Livejournal layout is because 1) i'm to bore and have nothing better to do or 2) i'm getting bored with the old layout.

i'm leaning more toward the idea of me getting bored with the old layout and thanks to [Unknown LJ tag] for her fabulous layout design. i hope she comes back to lj (because her last updated post was from last year) and create more awesome design for those who can't write codes.
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29 May 2012 @ 05:53 pm
i'm sure everyone that is a fan of Supernatural have heard of what has happen regarding Jensen's appearance on this years Paris Con', if not fear not, here is the message he as Danneel to post on her twitter account on his behalf.

Jensen has asked me to post this on his behalf.
To all the beloved fans of Supernatural,
Due to differences in opinions and standards as to how how the upcoming Paris convention would run, I was forced to make an extremely difficult decision today and will not be attending as planned. I deeply regret the inconvenience to the people I respect and appreciate the most – our fans – and I wanted you to hear the news from me first. I had hoped for a different outcome, but this was unavoidable given the logistics of the weekend. I have returned ALL of the money to the organizers of the event and I hope they will give you the refunds you are due.

I hope that I will have the chance to make things up to you at a future event. In 2013, I will be appearing at Creation Events in Las Vegas, New Jersey, Dallas, Chicago and Vancouver, and Jus in Bello Rome.

Thank you all for the strength of your support and for the continued success of Supernatural. I look forward to seeing you very soon.


Jensen Ackles

P.S. this is a direct copy and paste from Danneel's tweet.
27 May 2012 @ 04:29 pm
i think everyone should go and read this fic, it's absolutely beautifully written and the inspirational prompt for this fill is just wow.

here is the prompt by an anonymous prompter:
Super long but I have a super specific idea in mind:

(14-17)Jensen's been in love with Jared(25-30) for years and when he goes into heat he sneaks out to see him. When Jared spends the night with him, its everything Jensen's ever hoped it would be, they're mates now and he can't wait for their future together.

But in the morning it's his parents waking him up and hustling from Jared's home, ashamed of him for luring in a alpha who would have never if Jensen wasn't in heat. Jared called them and they came to get Jensen. He tries to see or talk to Jared after his heat is done but the older man avoids him completely. Jensen realizes that what he feels is completely one sided and it crushes him.

A few months down the road Jensen realizes that one night was enough to get him pregnant. Abortion isn't a option for him and giving up his child terrifies him. He knows if his parents find out they'll do just that. Jensen is trapped and scared, Jared's still avoiding him and Jensen panics, running away to keep his baby.

Jared's been gone over Jensen for ages, but he's so young and Jared is in the wrong to take an underage beta. He does the right thing and calls Jensen's parents who threaten to charge him with statutory rape. Finally they tensely agree that in a few years if' Jensen's feeling are still there then there's more then a teenagers crush and Jared can court him. Jared has no idea Jensen's not aware of this, it kills him to turn Jensen away and ignore his calls but Jared wants to prove they can do it. When Jensen tries to talk with him almost frantically Jared goes against his instinct and keeps ignoring him, only to find out a few days later that Jensen's gone and no one can find him.

Ending up to author though I'd really prefer a happy ending to a depressing one.

below is the link to the fill, it is a 5 star rating if you ask me:
World Goes 'Round By Misunderstanding'. by queerly_it_is
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26 May 2012 @ 08:43 pm
i have been thinking recently what what i should do with all my lined paper i've bought over the years during high school whenever they do on sale. i have about 8 stacks of 200sheets lined paper now and when you add them all up i have about 1,600sheets of paper in my room and that isn't counting my white paper for printing. so i have been googling on how to bind them into a notebook so i don't have to go out and spend money on buying notebooks when i could make like 8 notebooks that i could use to take notes during the school year.

after vigorously googling methods on binding for line paper i have finally found the perfect solution, spiral binding and as a bonus i found a way to do it without spending too much money on going out to a Kinko to use their machine. all i have to do is buy the wire and the rest i can find a home form scraps. ^u^

for those that are interested in binding a spiral coil book here is the link.

How to make a Spiral Book by Megan Shoop.
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